Energy-saving solutions let homeowners cut costs while helping the environment

If you’re still using an old sprinkler system, you could be wasting water — and paying an unnecessarily high water bill.

Rachio, a smart sprinkler company, offers technology that is installed directly into your home irrigation system. Once the hardware is in place, you can connect to it through your Wi-Fi.

From there, you can control how the different zones of your lawn are watered. If you have tomato plants or a section of your lawn you want watered more frequently, for example, you can program the system to make those areas a priority.

Rachio’s technology gives you a few options for scheduling your lawn’s watering.

A fixed schedule lets you schedule watering on certain days, at certain times, for certain lengths of times and in certain areas of your lawn.

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A flexible monthly schedule lets you schedule your watering for every month, based on climate data and your geographic location. A flexible daily schedule updates every day based on the soil’s moisture.

Through an app, you can control the system remotely. That means you can check your phone to track your water usage, skip a scheduled watering or turn your sprinklers on.

The system is voice-enabled, so you can ask Google or Alexa to turn off the sprinkler if you have visitors coming and you do not want them to get drenched.

The company recently launched its third-generation product. The price ranges from $229.99 to $279.99, based on how many zones you want it to cover.

The company estimates its customers have saved more than 36 billion gallons of water. That can lead to lower water bills. Some municipalities will offer a rebate for purchase of the product.

“Across the board, all of our customers are seeing some sort of savings after using Rachio,” a company spokeswoman said.

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