New committee to explore cost-saving ideas between Chemung County and Elmira – WENY

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) — Steps to bring Chemung County and the City of Elmira closer together are starting to take shape. One measure approved during Monday’s County Legislature meeting will not only bring both parties to the table, but also open up discussions about how to save the city money. 

The Chemung County Executive is appointing a temporary committee to study cost-saving measures and ideas which could be implemented between the county and city. The Committee will be made up of 10 people with two co-chairs leading the group: one from the county and one from the city. 

Each co-chair is tasked with appointing four other members to the board. 

“The goal is going to be to work with the city to ask them what they’re long-term plan is and to see if the county can assist them with their long-term plan to turn their fiscal situation around and to provide greater efficiencies in the services that they do provide,” says John Burin, who serves the 9th district in Chemung County. Burin is also the county’s co-chair for the new committee. 

“It might be time for the county to look over slowly taking over the bridges from the city, which when they come up to speed it’s something that might be back on the table,” says Chemung County Chairperson, Dave Manchester. 

According to the resolution, members of this committee will offer their services without added compensation. The committee is expected to send a monthly report to the Chemung County Executive about their findings and suggestions. 

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