The Nest Learning Thermostat is on sale for $51 off at Amazon

Adulting and paying bills go hand and hand. It seems like you just paid rent or the credit card bill last week, and the next one is somehow already showing up in the mail.

Most of these payments are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you’re totally helpless. The third generation Nest Learning Thermostat adjusts your settings as it learns your habits and can help you slash your energy bill significantly — and it’s up to $50.99 off at Amazon today.

Sure, telling Alexa to crank the heat without having to move is awesome. But Nest’s smart thermostats do so much more than encouraging our laziness: These little guys learn and adapt to your behaviors, adjusting the temperature accordingly. You probably won’t notice the few degrees difference, but that small decrease will prove itself worthy when you see your next bill.

For example, if you want to come home to a warm house but know it isn’t necessary to blast the radiator all day, Nest’s Home/Away Assist feature uses Eco Temperatures to keep usage at a minimum when no one’s inside — then remembers to turn it up before you get home. (It’s convertible with most HVAC systems, but you should check yours here.) Just imagine how helpful that’ll be for AC in the summer.

The more you see the leaf icon, the more you're saving.

The more you see the leaf icon, the more you’re saving.

Image: nest

Need proof? Try this savings calculator to see how much Nest can help you save. Enter your zip code, home size, note the type of heating and AC you have, and Nest will give you an approximation of how much you can save with a Nest thermostat. (I tested out a few combinations and saw savings up to $700/month. GUYS.) The Nest app also tracks your energy history to give you a more tangible idea of how much money you’re really saving.

All of the models regularly go for $249, with current prices anywhere between $199 and $213. The white model has the biggest discount at $50.99 off, but the stainless steel and copper models are still on sale for $39.95 and $36.99 off, respectively. But really, who cares — the real money saving wins will be in the hundreds you (potentially) save on your bill each month. 

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